Saturday, September 11, 2010

Every Saturday should feel like a Saturday

Today I skipped my accounting tuition to go eat Dim Sum and spend a whole weekend at the beach instead. HA I'd much rather do that than listen to someone talking about taxes and depreciation! :D


  1. I miss Dim Sum :( and it was a nice getaway from accounting. How come u are taking accounting tuition?

  2. yes it was good, although i feel a bit guilty of not going. :s . I'm just doing an ACCA, i'm not sure if u heard about it. It's a bit like a CFA. I'm doing it coz i feel that i don't know anything about accounting, and most people assume that i have a basic knowledge of accounting. :p .

  3. I've heard ACCA is actually more recognized than CPA. In S'pore, we have both ACCA & CPA but pple tend to prefer ACCA. It's really good. Ya, i think basic accounting knowledge is impt in this field. All the best!