Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopping Fever Is Back!!!

God please, could I wake up tomorrow morning and see my bank account credit with a few extra thousands for no apparent reason?

Gosh I went to Garden city this afternoon for about only and hour and a half, and I managed to buy an ipod nano, a dress and a lipstick. :s . And I saw a few other stuffs that I also wanted but had to stop myself from buying them...

Is this because I didn't shop since I came back from Singapore? Who knows? I didn't even know that I wanted to shop so much until I started buying. And the other bad things is that I went only in Myer, Dotti and Priceline. 3 shops can generate so many wants...

Monday, January 25, 2010

yummy yummy muffins

Ok just a quick blog update, before a dear friend of mine (Saadiah)reminds me to write something. :p .lol

So I haven't been doing much stuffs lately, mostly sleeping and watching some crap tv. Oh well, I guess that the definition of holidays for me; relax and do nothing. :) .

On Thursday night, after work I was bored while waiting for my dinner to cook in the oven, so I decided to bake muffins. They tasted pretty good. ^^

Apple, date, walnut and honey muffins

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where are people when we need them?

It's been insanely hot since yesterday; the temperature reached 42.9 yesterday and 42.7 today.

Although I usually don't really like ice cream I found myself craving for some last night. Unfortunately the nearest supermarket was already closed and all the ice cream shops were too far away. So I decided to wait for the next day, hoping that the ice cream van would drive past. ( Coz it's seriously too hot for me to even consider venturing outside the house)

But it never did!!!! Arghhh. I seriously hate this ice cream van. Lol. Always driving past my window on cold winter days and disturbing me with its creepy music during my naps. But when summer comes I've got no clue of where it disappeared to... Where are people when you need them?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Korean tea

Today I went to the new Korean store in winthrop village. There weren't many interesting stuffs there apart from the usual noodles, drinks and snacks...

The only thing that caught my eyes was this brown rice green tea. ( Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea). Having never tasted or even heard about it, I decided to give it a try.

The tea's first impression, that is, its smell was not very convincing, as it smells more like food that the teas I'm usually used to. It doesn't really have the refreshing and invigorating fragrance that I usually appreciate in tea; the rice smell being too strong.

The colour is a normal green tea colour, that is pale yellowish.

And finally the taste... It does taste nice, with just a hint of rice flavour, although I can't really distinguish the green tea savour.

The verdict is that it's not one of the favourite teas, but definitively drinkable. Lol. This green tea flavour is more suited for a cold winter night. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 shall not be my lazy year

Alright I know i didn't post anything for ages... I will just pretend that i wasn't lazy, but just very busy those past few weeks.

So just a brief outline of what's been going on in my head and life recently.

1) Been on holidays to singapore, vietnam and malaysia. It was just awesome. :) . Although I didn't really find anything interesting in KL. (Sorry if anyone from malaysia is reading this. But oh well, everyone has the right to have their own opinion)

2) Come back to perth and look for a new place. That one was quite stressful and tiring. I had to call a few places and go and check them. Which required me to walk in the hot sun of perth! :'( . Sniffff.

3) Deal with my currently landlord and his daily visits. (Just want to kick him somewhere really specific so that he stops coming)

4) Meet up with some friends that i haven't seen in ages. :) . That one was just pure fun ^^

By the way, i found a new place and just can't wait to start moving. The only downside is that i won't be living with my friends anymore. :'( . Now i'm crossing my fingers to get nice new housemates. :)