Saturday, January 16, 2010

Korean tea

Today I went to the new Korean store in winthrop village. There weren't many interesting stuffs there apart from the usual noodles, drinks and snacks...

The only thing that caught my eyes was this brown rice green tea. ( Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea). Having never tasted or even heard about it, I decided to give it a try.

The tea's first impression, that is, its smell was not very convincing, as it smells more like food that the teas I'm usually used to. It doesn't really have the refreshing and invigorating fragrance that I usually appreciate in tea; the rice smell being too strong.

The colour is a normal green tea colour, that is pale yellowish.

And finally the taste... It does taste nice, with just a hint of rice flavour, although I can't really distinguish the green tea savour.

The verdict is that it's not one of the favourite teas, but definitively drinkable. Lol. This green tea flavour is more suited for a cold winter night. :)


  1. Coucou! Je crée des bijoux depuis plus d'un an et je viens de créer un blogspot histoire de faire tourner la nouvelle. Ce sont des bijoux à la mode,pas chers et de qualité (je ne me fais livrer que d'Amérique et de France). Vu que c'est ma passion j'aimerais la partager donc si ca t'intéresserait, une petite visite me ferait vraiment plaisir.

    Merci beaucoup et désolée pour ce coup de pub, mais j'y tiens hihi


  2. Lol. I have the exact same one here, but I never drank it. :o

  3. haha. Hmm comme j'ai dit, ca a un gout tres paticulier... essaie juste pour l'experience. :p

  4. Meh. Le thé n'est pas ma tasse de thé. :P