Monday, January 18, 2010

Where are people when we need them?

It's been insanely hot since yesterday; the temperature reached 42.9 yesterday and 42.7 today.

Although I usually don't really like ice cream I found myself craving for some last night. Unfortunately the nearest supermarket was already closed and all the ice cream shops were too far away. So I decided to wait for the next day, hoping that the ice cream van would drive past. ( Coz it's seriously too hot for me to even consider venturing outside the house)

But it never did!!!! Arghhh. I seriously hate this ice cream van. Lol. Always driving past my window on cold winter days and disturbing me with its creepy music during my naps. But when summer comes I've got no clue of where it disappeared to... Where are people when you need them?


  1. i totally agree! bt anyway i think you should walk to iga! cause the ice cream from that van is not very nice! haha

  2. ehehehe icecream man can be dangerous ally! just in case they kidnapped you. plus, ur all alone, i cant save u with my polkadot umbrella. =(

  3. muahaha.
    Charlene: It's way to hot to walk to IGA, i will faint halfway. lol
    Saadiah: Yeah I know that they are dangerous and i'm so sad that wonderwoman is not here anymore to protect me. :(

  4. random, we have the same display pic! haha

  5. haha. Yah i just realised it after u pointed it out... :p . Ok, so we have to go somewhere nice when u are back and take new display pics. :) . lol