Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Such a perfect day :)

Today I went out with some friends. First we headed for Fremantle, where we shopped around for a while. (I bought a travel diary and a pair of sunglasses which reminds me of the ones Silver, Adrinna and Naomi were wearing in the 1st episode of the 2nd season of 90210).

Then we were off to Cottesloe beach. Yah! :D . I never had so much fun at the beach in Australia until now. The weather was perfect, a clear blue and sunny sky. The sand was so warm and soft. Just perfect for napping... And the water so refreshingly cool. Couldn’t wish for anything better. The only thing I would change about Cottesloe beach would be those irritating and fierce seagulls that aren’t afraid of humans.

To summarize, it was a very nice day. I hope that the rest of the holidays is as good.

P.S I’m so happy that my first post gets to be about the beach.

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