Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hula Bula

Last night I went to a hawaiian bar, Hula Bula, with some friends. It was really awesome. I had a lot of fun and got pretty tipsy. :p . lol.
The place was quite small but, the setting was very nice, it looked like a hawaiian hut. And the drinks were yummy... :) . Surprisingly there was some mauritian stuffs there, they had phoenix beer and 'gato piment'. lol. So it just makes me like this bar a little bit more. :D
Wanna have my 22nd Birthday party there next year. Omg can't wait!!! ^^

Then we went to the court, which is supossed to be a gay club, and surprisingly i had a lot of fun there too. The music was nice and the people there quite interesting. :p . Maybe that the cocktails of hula bula also helped... lol.

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