Monday, December 7, 2009

busy busy week

This past week has been very busy and pretty tiring… But very fun. So I will attempt to make a resume…

From Sunday to Tuesday my younger cousin Julie, was staying at my place. On Monday we went shopping and I bought a big white shirt to go the beach. I think I am currently obsessed by the beach. Lol. I keep on buying things to go the beach.

On Tuesday I went to Mandurah with my housemates and some friends. It’s a small town situated in the south of Perth. There wasn’t much to do there, but the day was pretty fun thanks to my wonderful friends. ^^ . After Mandurah we ended up in freo where we had dinner at little creatures and had dessert at San Churros. At night I accompanied my cousin Simon to drop Julie to the airport. She went back to Mauritius. When I came back home Angelina and Jesper were there, so we had a few drinks with the other housemates.

Then on Wednesday I had lunch with my 2 other cousins, Yannick and Eric in the city. It was nice to catch up with them after a few months. Although they live in Perth I don’t meet them very often. In the afternoon, Charlene, Mabel, Jason and I, we went to visit a house for rent near Uni. This house was simply perfect, it even has a pool… I really really hope that we get it. (Keeping my fingers crossed) I can’t wait to tell to my current landlord that I am moving out!

Two of my housemates, Charlene and Mabel left for Singapore on Thursday. So now it’s Saadiah and I against the world!!! Lol.

On Friday, Saadiah and I went to garden city to catch up my our ex housemate, Melanie. Was good to see her and chit chat. :) . Afterwards we went fishing with Jason and his friends. Surprisingly it was fun. I saw a seal and I nicknamed it Jack. Although all the other fisherman/fisherwoman there, probably hated it,cause it ate their fish, I just thought that Jack was so cute. Haha.

Saturday, as usual I went to work. Then I went to a bar with Calvin, Jason and Saadiah to have dinner. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the bar. Guess I was too tired. But the pizza was good, it had a lot of prawns on top… That’s enough to make me happy. ^^

And finally, today, saadiah and I, we visited the fremantle prison. It was quite interesting to learn about the past of Western Australia and how the prison was run.

I guess it’s enough for now. Time to go to sleep. Another long day is waiting for me tomorrow… ^^


  1. haha ally, the way you write about jack is so cute! you really sound like a little girl!

    blog more! include pics too pleasee! haha

  2. yea she did look like a little girl while fishing! it was fun! charlene, u shud go next time just to see the excitement of ppl catching fish. soooo funny!