Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sakura and Sayonara off to King Parks

Today my friend Sakura and I went to Kings Park.
Oh man, what an adventure...

This morning we woke up early (9.30, yes so unexpected from us. Guess it’s our new jap side) to go to uni to get a few things done.
Then we headed to the city to do some browsing. For once I didn't buy anything. :) . I am trying to keep every little cent that I have to shop in Singapore later. Can’t wait!!!

With our bubble teas and KFCs in hand we were ready to start our picnic in Kings Park!!!

Now that’s where the adventure really begins…

1) Find the bus to Kings Park. Luckily the woman at the information was quite helpful on this one.

2) Once we got off the bus, find the central area of kings Park. We failed on this one. Haha. We walked in the wrong direction and had no clue of where we were... :p . Aww, two poor little lost Japanese tourists… We were so tired and hungry that we decided to just sit down wherever we were and start eating. When we opened our KFC bag, our burger and twister we soggy. Arggg. And again, those CHARMING kfc people didn’t give us any wet tissues. -.- . Seriously what’s wrong with them? It’s the 3 rd time this week that this happens to me.

During our meal we were surrounded by fierce crows. We swore that they were all ganging against us and planning an attack. Lol.

3) Now that our stomachs were full, we were ready again for adventure. We decided to go and look for the state memorial area. Actually, I was quite near… Haha. Like about 15 minutes walk from where we were.

Well, we spent a couple of hours there just enjoying the sun and the view.

Oh, and I got disturbed a few times by my stupid landlord. I seriously think that there is something wrong with him… -.-

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