Monday, October 4, 2010

Newton the dingo

Last Tuesday I lost my crazy dog. Or so I thought. I was feeling a bit sad. Then on Friday afternoon, when I came back home with my parents we saw him waiting for us in its kennel. Haha. It found our gardener and followed him back home. -.- .

Don't you think that it looks like a Dingo, those Australian wild dogs? Even though I think that Dingos are actually cuter... haha


  1. haha i so agree! looks like a dingo~
    haha but i tot it was smaller...hmm sorry but baboom looks so much cuter than this dog...

  2. ally, i can tell you don't really like this dog hahaha

  3. haha. Charlene is it that obvious..? :s . I don't have it, but it's not my favourite dog. :p
    Mabel yes I agree, Baboom was like a 1000 times cuter and more adorable.